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Fragrance Directory

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Amalfi Coast- Inspired by the popular glasshouse fragrance. Picture a trip to the picturesque coastline of Amalfi. With notes of freesia, lavender and lime. Combined with the masculine aroma of lemon, amber, and sandalwood.

Apple Berry- Reminiscent of the apple berry plant. A very sweet fragrance, with strong notes of sweet apple.

Australian Bush- This fragrance is what you would expect to smell on a walk in the bush on a beautiful day. Expect notes of pine needle, and eucalyptus.

Bacon- Smells exactly like raw smokey bacon.

Birds of Paradise - A tropical treat, that smells just like the beautiful flower. With notes of strawberry, and coconut cream.

Blackcurrant & Vanilla- A very strong and sweet fragrance. Juicy blackcurrants combined with vanilla beans, and notes of musk.

Berry Delightful- The fresh and zingy aroma of fresh berries. With strong top notes of mixed berries and lemon.

Black Amber & Lavender- A personal favorite of ours. A very complex blend of rustic amber and french lavender. With added notes of tonka bean, vanilla, and clary sage.

Black Raspberry- A very strong raspberry fragrance. Dark raspberries combined with sun kissed sweet blackberries.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla- A beautiful combination of raspberries and blackberries, with subtle notes of vanilla and musk.

Blood Orange- A strong citrus fragrance for those citrus lovers, with top notes of blood orange, lemon, and bergamot.

Bourbon & Leather- A very luxurious fragrance of oak aged bourbon and fine leather

Candy Cane- Smells just like a classic minty candy cane at christmas.

Christmas Pudding- Bring a little festive cheer with this quintessential Christmas fragrance. With all the scents you would expect in this including orange, almond, clove, and cinnamon.

Cannabis Flower- Strong notes of fern and cannabis. Combined with a rich floral scent of violet and gardenia.

Cubans & Brandy- A sophisticated and masculine fragrance. With top notes of peach fizz, orange, and creme de cassis.

Cappuccino- Picture a large cup of coffee with a strong shot of coffee, raw sugar, hot and frothy milk, and finally that light dusting of chocolate powder.

Citrus Verbena- A very fresh and citrusy fragrance. With notes of verbena, orange, and lemon.

Clean Cotton- Fresh washed laundry that's been dried in the sun.

Coconut- The smell of just pure coconuts.

Coconut & Lime- Lots of coconuts and lots of limes. Takes you to that dream tropical island.

Coconut & Saffron- A slightly sweet and slightly spicy fragrance. With notes of cloves, saffron, and coconut milk

Coconut Sunset-

Cookies & Cream- Does what it says on the tin. A sweet smell of cookies and cream.

Cucumber & Melon- A winner if you love fruity and fresh fragrances. With notes of cucumber, and melon.

Fifty Shades-

French Pear

Frosted Cranberries

Fruit Slices


Holly Berry

Japanese Honeysuckle

Jasmine & Sandalwood

Juicy Watermelon

Kentucky Bourbon

Lemon Myrtle

Lemongrass & Lime

Lychee & Guava

Mandarin- This fragrance smells just like peeling a ripe and juicy mandarin


Mimosa & Muguet

Mimosa & Pink Apple

Mistletoe & Ivy

Nectarine & Yuzu

Old Spyce

One Million

Pina Colada


Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits

Pot Purri

Pomegranate Acai

Race Fuel

Raspberry Lemonade


Salted Caramel


Sheer Lily & White Rose

Spiced Pumpkin Latte

Summer Sorbet


Watermelon Lemonade

White Christmas

Wild Rosella

Vanilla Caramel

Vanilla Buttercream



 If you cant find the fragrance you are looking for, send us an email as we love sourcing new fragrances for custom orders.