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liquid melts- molten melts

Molten Melts

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Meet our newest product molten melts - A new twist on an old friend! You might know them as liquid wax melts or squeezable melts. These babies are packed full of the best melt fragrances that you have come to know and love from Mars & Venus Fragrances. They're the ooey gooey melty goodness in a convenient squeezy bottle.

Basically molten melts are a liquid version of your standard melts - but be warned, they're highly concentrated and will linger longer than your standard melts.

Our molten liquid melts are a lot more convenient to use. Just squeeze a small amount into any type of warmer. Enjoy the beautiful aroma around your home. Once you want to clean out the liquid melt, just take a piece of kitchen paper and wipe it out, or put in a cotton ball when the wax is melted, and it will soak up into the ball, then dispose of it.

Plus with our easy squeezy bottles you can control how much wax you want to use, and with the lid at the bottom, it's easy to get every last drop of wax out.




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